8 Simple Ways to Turn Depression into Happiness

Does your life lack the luster it once held? Has it changed from fun and engaging to dull and drab? Have you already been diagnosed with depression or strongly suspect that is the case if you bothered to go to the doctor?

If you answered yes to these questions, then are you ready to change your current state of mind and find a happier, more uplifting life.

While feeling depressed is normal from time to time (such as when a long term relationship ends or someone we love passes on), staying sad and blue for weeks, months or even years shouldn’t be acceptable to you.

Certainly it will take some time and effort to get over the hump, so to speak, but you’re worth it so commit to make sad feelings the exception in your life, not the rule.

Here are eight ways to get you from singing the blues to dancing like a young girl who just found out she is going to spend her summer with all of the princesses at the Disney theme park:

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