10 Ways To Get Yourself Mugged While Backpacking

A good traveler is one that informed and prepared to avert any incidents of theft that they may encounter while on the road. Getting mugged while backpacking is sadly a common tale from one unprepared backpacker to the next. The fear of getting mugged shouldn’t hinder you from traveling to the places you want to go, because crime is inevitable, anywhere. The best you can do for yourself is to be informed on how to prevent being a target of such crimes. We also got mugged once in Malaysia…Here are a few tips that can help you stay safe on your next trip.

How to Avoid Getting Mugged While Backpacking

Don’t put your credit cards and all your cash all in one wallet

Separate your credit cards away from your cash. It’s wise to keep them in separate places in case you lose your wallet, or if you do end up getting pick-pocketed or mugged. This way, at least you aren’t totally left with nothing, and you have a backup card and emergency cash stashed in a safer location with you still. Some backpackers even carry around a fake wallet with a few bills and old expired credit cards, along with a fake phone just in case they run into some trouble. Most thieves will just want your wallet and phone, so this is a good way to protect you and your valuables.

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