10 Most Dangerous Places You Should Definitely Visit

3. Kenya

Kenya is a natural wonder. Nairobi National Park in this East African country offers some of the best big game viewing in the world. If safaris are your thing, you can’t do much better than the Republic of Kenya. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most crime ridden countries in Africa. Major tourist destinations in Kenya are home to all manner of armed assailants, pickpockets and scam artists. Violent crimes are also rampant, and many times fatal. Carjacking, hotel room invasions, kidnappings and rape are also in the mix for potential crimes against tourists. In addition, the political climate in Kenya is uneasy and there are victims of random terrorist attacks. One such bombing in 1998 killed 225 people and injured another 5,000 [source: Department of State]. The organization responsible was, not surprisingly, Al Qaeda. Violence has also erupted in recent years as a result of political unrest.

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